The McWhirter Foundation A Charity Promoting Corage and Good Citizenship
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Welcome to the McWhirter Foundation website

We are an apolitical charitable foundation.

We aim to:

  • Recognise, through our annual Awards Ceremony, outstanding acts of courage and good citizenship.

  • Encourage young people to consider their role in society at the Dicey Conference, a two day educational workshop.

    Ross & Norris McWhirter in 1975

  • Dicey Conference 2014

    Dicey 2014 will be held at Trinity College Oxford on 18th and 19th March.

    The subject for discussion at the conference is 'Does the Nanny State know best?'

    Invitations will be sent to schools in November 2013.

    The Citizens' Awards 2013

    The Foundation is currently undertaking a strategic review of all its activities. We shall not therefore hold an awards ceremony in 2013. The review is not yet complete and it is too soon to predict the likely outcomes. However, we are confident that the awards will continue in the future, albeit perhaps in a modified format.

    Dicey Conference 2013
    Trinity College, Oxford University
    12th & 13th March

    How should the welfare state be adapted to meet the needs of the twenty first century?

    ..// report

    The Citizens' Awards Dinner
    Middle Temple Hall, London
    Thursday, 15th November 2012

    ..// more

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