The McWhirter Conference 2018

Following 40 years of staging a highly regarded annual sixth form conference at Oxford University (formerly known as the Dicey Conference), the McWhirter Foundation held a second annual conference at Cambridge in 2016 and 2017.  The mix of sixth formers, predominantly from state schools, reflects a typical Oxbridge intake. Both events aim to increase the self-confidence of students and encourage them to think about their future role in society. The McWhirter Conference at Oxford traditionally explores the balance between the responsibilities of the individual and the state, whilst the conferences at Cambridge focuses were on a topic linked to 'science and technology'. 

This year we are exploring an opportunity to hold our first overseas conference, and we plan to return to Cambridge in 2019.

The McWhirter Foundation has no political agenda and invites speakers with a range of contrasting views. There is no cost to those attending other than travel.


The McWhirter Oxford Conference 2018 took place at Trinity College on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th March 2018.

The title was ‘Economic Wealth = Social Wellbeing?’


The McWhirter Cambridge Conference 2017 took place at Newnham College on Wednesday 29th March and Thursday 30th March. This year we are exploring an opportunity to stage our first overseas conference.

The McWhirter Conference Cambridge will return in 2019