Our History

Ross & Norris McWhirter

Ross & Norris McWhirter

The Ross McWhirter Foundation was set up in December 1975 – a few weeks after IRA gunmen assassinated Ross at his home in north London. The Foundation was set up by Ross’s twin brother, Norris, and several close friends, in order to continue Ross’s work.

Ross believed passionately in the rule of law and argued that a civilized society must develop and solve its disputes, however emotive, without resorting to violence. He paid for that belief with his own life after putting up a financial reward for information leading to the capture of those responsible for acts of terrorism in Britain.

In 2004, following Norris’s death, the name of the Foundation was changed to The McWhirter Foundation, so that it could honour the work of both twins. The aims of the Foundation remained unchanged and include encouraging people to think about:

·         the principles and practice of good citizenship

·         the importance of personal initiative and leadership

·         the value of moral and physical courage

·         the balance between individual responsibility and the role of the state

·         their own role in society